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The Club InterContinental is designed to accommodate business travelers and provides more luxurious rooms and the best service you will ever find.

  • Club Deluxe Room

    The Club Deluxe Room is decorated with environmentally friendly linen wallpaper and creates a more comfortable and calmer ambiance. It is the most popular room among guests because its wide range of special services and its spacious area are offered at a reasonable price.

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  • Club Junior Suite

    The Club Junior Suite combines the bedroom and the living room into a studio-type one room, creating an effective use of space. It has been furnished with an environmentally friendly concept and that brings nature closer to the guests. It is suitable for business travelers who prefer large, free space.

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  • Club Ondol Suite

    The Club Ondol Suite has an underfloor heating ('Ondol') system so you can experience traditional Korean Ondol culture - sleeping on the floor!  It also provides a bed for your convenience. Enjoy the beauty of minimalism that traditional Korean culture offers and feel the Oriental spirit.

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  • Club Residence Suite

    The Club Residence Suite features stylish decor and soothing colors. It is designed for long-stay business travelers and provides a separate bedroom, a living room, two bathrooms, a large closet and a powder room.

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  • Club Mountain Suite

    The Club Mountain Suite has been chosen by many global leaders who visited Korea. It has a traditional Korean ambience with elegant decor and includes a living room, a dining room and an office providing the best facilities and service for global leaders.

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  • Club Royal Suite

    The Unique Club Royal Suite is a luxurious duplex providing a grand piano and a spa with a spectacular city view. It has accommodated VIP clients including global leaders and world renowned celebrities. It is perfectly designed for the most discerning guests.

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